Recession Made Renegade Millionaire Review With Bonus

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Recession Made Renegade Millionaire Review

Or How a 39 Year Old Lady With A Failing Business Turned

Around And Shamed Four Star Hotels In Recession Times

By Using The Things That She Learned In Recession Made Renegade Millionaire


This Is How I Keep On Getting Guests All Year Long, Even When Tumble Weed Is Rolling Across The Main Road (Off Season)


Catchy headline isn’t it? Well I try my best :). So let’s start the review. For all those who don’t know me I’m Monica and I have a villa in a health resort. And a year ago I was almost ready to close shop, sell the family business or declare bankruptcy when Recession Made Renegade Millionaire course came into my life and saved my business all together. I have committed all the mistakes in the book to get more guests into my Villa, and all my hard efforts didn’t pay out in the end. So if you want to know more about my business check out the “About Us” page or read around the blog and you will get to know me better.

My situation. I have a Villa (inherited from my parents) in a popular health resort, and it’s rated with two bright stars. The competition is fierce, there are numerous other Villas which are “better”, and there are major hotel chains here as well who have a higher quality service as well. So how can my little business survive amongst these huge sharks? Well it wasn’t easy in the beginning, but now I’m laughing, oh almost forgot as a Disclaimer, I’m not a Renegade Millionaire, at least not just yet. But I’m a Renegade Marketer, and by next year I will be a Millionaire as well (to bad there are no badges).

This is the main concept when people hear the dreaded word “Recession“. There’s not much money so people don’t spend that much, they don’t go on vacations, and they are just waiting for the years to pass and hoping for the best. I believed this as well and boy oh boy I was wrong BIG TIME!. Money is constantly flowing you just need to find the right place to tap it, in other words you need the right way to attract customers who are able and willing to give you money. Here’s another fact that I’ve learned from Dan, the recession will end as soon as a number of people become millionaires. Check out Dan Kennedy’s Video Explanation here: Video Link


Applying the renegade principles. This is how I’ve implemented in my business (“But My business is different“, excuse doesn’t work!). Don’t follow the herd, go against them. I was starting to learn online marketing in my spare time (which is a lot when there’s no tourist season). Checked out my competition, most of them didn’t have any sites, and the ones which had were either bad, horrible or just a sub page of a franchise. So I hired a designer who made me a breath taking site, and also I’ve hired an SEO person who got it ranked. So far so good, my visitor count has increased, not too much but it was significant. A little hint: press releases can help you out a lot if you have a good story to sell. And people are choosing me over all the renowned hotels.

The second principle is: finding hidden opportunities outside your business and not inside. Well this is though, but it’s a work in progress. The idea is to build a second, third … business on the back of the first one. A bit of explanation, if you have already sold them something, you have to think about what to sell them next. Maybe implement a membership program, or develop a premium service (call it VIP), get them in to a ladder system. Ok I can’t keep it any more, I’m starting my own coaching group for fellow business owners (of course in a different area, don’t want unwanted competition).

The third principle is: never giving up, if a problem occurs don’t stop steam roll right through. It wasn’t easy, as I look back it seems it was, but with every day a new challenge comes. One of the major problems were that the SEO company who I have hired were asking for more and more money but I haven’t seen any results. So I fired them and got another one, and another one and finally the fourth one managed to do the job done and do it right just as I wanted.


The last mistake what I’ve committed earlier and since then corrected was, there was no strategy in place to keep my already gotten guests. And many businesses, correction most businesses don’t have anything in place, and it’s much easier to sell to a person who has bought from you then to someone who is brand spanking new. So what I’ve developed was the newsletter, i know i know it’s not ground breaking, but nobody is doing this. And on a regular basis I send out messages, and with this simple trick I managed to increase my client retention rate to 29%. I have to sit down and think a bit of new ways and I will bet you that it will go even higher.

All in all Recession Made Renegade Millionaire is an eye opener course. I would recommend it to anybody who is struggling with their business and have false believes about the recession. It has changed my life, and the way I’m doing business and it can do the same for you. From my point of view this product is worth each and every penny, because you will be making more than you have invested. Also check out on the site the independence calculator it’s a great tool.

Don’t think about should I buy it or not? Do you need help with your struggling business? If the answer is yes then you know what to do.

PS: Thanks to Dan if you purchase the course you will be getting a free pass to his up coming Summit. So if we don’t talk before that see you there :).

The Bonus You Get If You Purchase The Recession Made Renegade Millionaire:

Recession Made Renegade Millionaire Bonus 1:

21 Ways of Raising Fast Cash


VALUE: $489

Recession Made Renegade Millionaire Bonus 2:

I will Lend You My Personal Assistant For a Full Day


VALUE: $360

Recession Made Renegade Millionaire Bonus 3:

My Personal Case Study On How I Rank On Product Launches


VALUE: $392

Recession Made Renegade Millionaire Bonus 4:

Get Dan Kennedy’s Newsletter For FREE TRIAL (3 months)


VALUE: $632

Recession Made Renegade Millionaire Bonus 5:

The SEO company that I use agreed to rank your site for 1 (low-mid competition)

within 1 month


VALUE: $891-$4056


Recession Made Renegade Millionaire Review 1 Day Away

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Recession Made Renegade Millionaire Review 1 Day Away

The day for what we have been waiting this long is almost here. Tomorrow Recession Made Renegade Millionaire will be released and I will be making a review on this product by Dan Kennedy. Beside this early warning I will be writing about some helpful tips related to renegade millionaire. Also I will be sharing with you some secret lessons what I have learned from the master him self. And the 3 major things what these millionaire do to differentiate them selves from the rest of the people.

The 3 Major principles what you have to apply to be considered as a renegade millionaire. The first Principle is: “I will do the opposite of whatever the majority does”. This separates folks into the 20% and the 80%. 20% who are the go getters and the rest are the average Johns and Janes. In my case this was very true in my health resorts, nobody was doing online marketing and the few who were, were doing a horrible job at it. So staying true to this concept I went for it. And now I get the majority of my guests from online. And it doesn’t matter if it’s full season or off season, they are coming at a steady pace.

The Second Principle: “I will find breakthroughs outside the majority’s approach to any given business, not inside of it”. Now this might be a tougher cookie to crack. The thing you have to do is, you need to find hidden opportunities in your business and exploit it to the fullest. But you can’t do it from the inside. You have to look from the outside. After days of thinking I finally got my angle with the health resort villa. What happens in this business during the off season you can pretty much close everything down, because the whole thing turns into a ghost town. Now I found an angle and a target market. And this is the busiest of them people and I market to them. With pitches like these: “come and visit us and reconnect with your self, at our quiet …” or “find inspiration and fresh ideas in our off season …”. So now during off season I have guests, i’m not packed full yet but in a year I will be.

The Third Principle: “I will stay relentlessly focused on the obstacle to and the source of all wealth:  attraction of customers”. Well this is kinda a no brainer. You have to focus on how to attract more customers towards you. I usually take 50 minutes out of my day to think about new and better ways to attract more quality guests. You should follow my lead as well.

Now another major point what I took home from Dan Kennedy is, creating money out of thin air. This sounds like some kind of scam, but no it’s not. I’m practicing what I’m preaching. I won’t reveal all my secrets but I will be telling you one of the valuables which I’ve created out of thin air. I charge extra for the rooms which are facing the beautiful lake. The value is created inside of the customer who has no problem paying for more if they are getting a better view. And it doesn’t cost me anything at all. The cleaning and maintenance is the same, I just made money out of thin air. This is the concept and the straight path towards being a recession made renegade millionaire.

Now wait for tomorrow and you will see my review for recession made renegade millionaire. Stay tuned and don’t miss out on it. This will be huge

Recession Made Renegade Millionaire Strategem!

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Recession Made Renegade Millionaire Strategem!

recession-made-renegade-millionare-strategyIf you don’t know what Strategem means, it stands for strategy. And I see it fitting that we can discuss about the successful strategies what Recession Made Renegade Millionaires deploy. There’s a whole rule book but I will touch base on only a few. Because you most likely get bored and I’m not familiar with all of them either. And these strategies are common to any business, even if your business is different :), this is the most common excuse amongst entrepreneurs. I’ve discussed this in a previous post look it up. Let’s dig into it.

First Recession Made Renegade Millionaire Strategem:

Always charge premium prices! The numbers speak for them selves from a crowd 20% of the people will always buy the premium package. Why? Well they like expensive stuff and most of the time premium packages are nicely made they have shiny things around them. They can’t help them selves they just want the expensive stuff. And the rest of the 80% of the people will settle for the regular pricing. Now what great Recession Made Renegade Millionaires do is that they push the premium prices sky high, that with the 20% they make more money than from the 80%. It’s that easy to big chunks of money with the least amount of effort.

For example in my resort business, I offer premium packages for my guests. Starting out from spa and wellness treatments. To personal tour guides around the neighboring mountains and leading them into the deep salt mines. And of course private transport from the airport to the villa as well. And some other stuff which I would like to keep as a secret just now.

Second Recession Made Renegade Millionaire Strategem:

Actually I think this is the most profitable and best strategy of them all, I should’ve put it at the first spot. Well never mind now. Having a business on the back of your first business and maybe have another one on the back of the third business. Disclaimer time, at the moment I haven’t figured out how could I implement this strategy for my resort. This means more studying and thinking like Dan Kennedy, I have no doubt in my mind that I will figure it out and I will be making a killing.

What the main advantage of this? Well you will be able to pay more (and not less) for each client then anybody else. For example and average business owner can spend $17 on a client you could spend $25-40 if you have the right strategy at place. Also another great example would be if an advertisers can afford 1 full page ad in a magazine you can afford 4 pages. You can easily be the heavy weight champion in your industry.

Now let me exemplify this strategy. For arguments sake let’s say you own a personal injury law firm, when you get in your client, you help him out with his problems and you start segment him and try to figure out where you can put him best, I mean what other service you can offer him to get more money. Let’s say your second company is an insurance one, so if he doesn’t have insurance you can offer that (this way you haven’t spent a dime to acquire a customer for your second business). Let’s say god forbid he has pain and you have a health resort business, then you can offer him that. If you take the time and find out what your client’s other problems are you can set up multiple companies on the back of the first one, and also you can cross promote them as well.

The sky is the limit on what you can do. You can see that with these two simple strategies you can increase your profits greatly. And these are just breadcrumbs the Recession Made Renegade Millionaire System will have a lot more. And stay tuned I will be making a review on this promising course.

Get Rich Quick?

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Get Rich Quick?

recession-made-renegade-millionaire-get-rich-quickThis is a fairly debated subject amongst Renegade Millionaires and Recession Made Renegade Millionaires as well. If we look at the common folks point of view, getting rich quick is bad, this is how we were raised by our parents, or we suffered by a scheme or how people most likely remember it getting scammed by a snake oil salesman. So no wonder why the theory of “getting rich quick” has a bad rep. Let us look behind the curtain and try to find out the truth and then make the decision as objectively as we can.

One example that I’m bringing to the table is coaching or speaking. Where in the course of one weekend you can make a million dollars by doing only a few hours of speaking. How is this possible? Well many things contribute to this. One is the size of the audience, and how well have been targeted. And the next thing is the price of the product what the coach or speaker is selling. The higher the price, the higher the profit margin will be. Let’s play with a few numbers shall we? On the event there are 100 participants and 10 of them decide to buy the product which is priced at 10.000$ (this is the offline wold here you can get away with higher prices easy).

So in average you would be make $100.000 each weekend. Travel to the next city, do it over and over again, and in two and a half months you would’ve made 1 million dollars. 80 Day 1 million dollars and you are working only 1-2 days a week. This I would consider getting rich quickly. And you care not scamming people, because you deliver value and from their sparked interest they are buying the product you are selling. So no all get rich quick business model are flawed, yes around 99% of them are and the sole purpose of them is to scam people out of their hard earned money.

Another example I would bring up would be in a business point of view. What if a business has spotted a gap in the market and is reeking in a lot of money. The thing that pops into my mind is Domino’s Pizza, their unique selling point is that you will get your pizza in 30 minutes or less. We have to admit that it’s not the best pizza but who can argue with the fact that pizza when it’s delivered to your house it’s still hot. Same theory goes if you stumble upon a hungry crowd who would buy basically anything. Hunger is a metaphor and it’s directly related to food only. If we’re going with the food analogy, let’s think of a heavy industry factory, which is at the middle of nowhere no decent food places around and during lunch time food van pops up. The workers are hungry and they would pay extra (most likely they are charged extra as well) to an inferior product. They buy it because they don’t have a choice, actually they have, either buy and their stomach is full or they don’t and go hungry until dinner time.

So don’t be afraid of success. And also ignore people who don’t believe that in your business you can get rich quick. They are just pulling you back.

Who Is Actually a Millionaire?

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Who Is Actually a Millionaire?

recession-made-renegade-millionare-million-dollarsDo you know the answer for who would be classified as a true millionaire? If not let’s dig into it and see. So in common sense you need to have a few million dollars for starters. But it’s not just that, it really depends on how you have that amount of money. If you didn’t know it yet there are a lot of paper Millionaires.

So far we know that millionaires can be categorized the following way, you either have the money cash at hand or you have it invested in something, which makes you a paper millionaire.

Let’s investigate further the paper millionaire theory. Well for example you have a few million dollars and you invest into a store or a number of stores. This produces you money day in and out, but actually you don’t have a million dollars. Why? Because for you to make get that money you have to sell the business. Same thing goes if you have money invested in your house, you have to sell the house to get the money back, but where will you live then?

Interesting dilemma huh? This is why the paper millionaire concept was invented. If you don’t have a few millions in liquid form, either cash or gold you don’t qualify. So what does this mean for a recession made renegade millionaire? Well if you want to brag, do it like rappers do, throw $1 bill in the air and that’s about it. Another school of thought would be is having money laying around isn’t good. Because it only collects dust. If you don’t have anything better to do then put it into the bank because it will make you interest every month or year.

Now many people don’t feel comfortable investing all their money into a business, in other words putting all the eggs into one basket. And this is perfectly normal. In case ish happens it’s good to have a rainy day fund. The best way to keep your millions is invest a certain part of it and the rest either put into a bank or buy gold / silver. Or actually get a big duffel bag and put that money into a safe place. So in case your main investment goes down the drain at least you have the rest to fall back on.

One golden rule what I’ve learned from Dan Kennedy is that the first million is the hardest to make. And then it gets easier and easier. This is why millionaires who lose all their money, they can recover so fast. As Dan said it thank god the second one is so much easier to make. If you didn’t know, after he has made his first millions he went broke, yeap you read it right he has gone broke. And then of course he bounced back. It’s an unpleasant cycle, but hopefully it only happens to you once or non at all. Also one of the billionaires you might know is Donald Trump. He was broke one point of his life, and yes he has inherited a bunch of millions, and when i mentioned broke he was valued at minus! billion dollars. But he got back on his feet.

As a closing thought millions are easy to make and even easier to lose. My advice would be is to always have a backup.

Who Is A Recession Made Renegade Millionaire?

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Who Is A Recession Made Renegade Millionaire?

recession-made-renegade-millionare-luckAn even better question would be to what makes the difference between a regular average Joe and a Recession Made Renegade Millionaire? Well first of all they have a whole different mindset. And in most cases they wouldn’t even last a week on a regular 9-5 week. It’s shocking but it’s true. For the lack of a better word they are special They can think outside the box and spot opportunities and act on them as well, but they would miss an appointment and wouldn’t be able to do certain ordinary chores if their life depended on it.

As I mentioned before these Renegade Millionaires main difference is their mindset. They see the world through different eyes than the normal people do.

An excellent example for this is a steakhouse’s story which has flourished during the last recession. Their main business model was selling the steak cheaper then the rest of the reputable steakhouses. And because of the recession many people couldn’t afford to pay the high prices so that business managed to fish away all those customers who loved to eat steak but they just couldn’t afford the regular prices. So the business spotted an vantage point and exploited it. Now the other side of the coin is that after the recession years have passed, the whole business had to reinvent them selves. Or they would’ve run out of business.

These recession made renegade millionaires partly can thank their wealth to Dan Kennedy. They have followed his teachings and now they are reeking in the rewards from the lessons learned. One of Dan’s best and also funniest quote is “But My Business Is Different…“, well know. Are you selling something for money? May it be a service, a product or what ever, then the same rules apply to you. The major problem is that people are not flexible enough to apply Dan’s teachings, either they think it’s outrageous, or they don’t believe in it. When actually, all those who implement will eventually become a Recession Made Renegade Millionaire.

These Millionaires have premium prices, even though their services aren’t better or more efficient then a lower priced ones. And people buy, no matter in what group you’re in, there are always a few people who are buying the premium packages, no matter of the costs. It is built into them and that’s how they function. Now if they don’t buy from you they most likely will by from your competition who has it. And if you want to make let’s say 1 million $ then it’s easier to make it in a few transactions than in a lot of them. There’s no significant difference in conversion between selling a $20 product, or a $2.000 product. For the first one you need 50.000 sales (which also means you need a huge infrastructure to handle that many orders) and for the second one you only need 500. There’s a huge difference as you can see it as well.

Also don’t be afraid of charging premium prices if your service worth it. Also it helps if you have a unique selling point. This means that you are offering something that nobody in your area is doing. And for this you can really charge a hefty premium price. In short these are the main traits what you can see in Recession Made Renegade Millionaires.


What Is Recession Made Renegade Millionaire?

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What Is Recession Made Renegade Millionaire?

recession-made-renegade-millionare-sign2008 was a start of a very bad time for most economies. Many people have lost jobs and companies went under, not to mention all the bailout request which were made by many blue chip companies. The question arises, can we be Millionaires in desperate times like this? And apparently yes you can make big bucks in times when there’s not much money going around. And how can this be possible? Well you need to get the Recession Made Renegade Millionaire course to find that out.

Entrepreneurs in most of the cases are the people who can’t hold a steady job, no matter what position they are in. They have to be in control make the big decisions because that’s the way they function best. So if you are and entrepreneur then then Recession Made Renegade Millionaire is for you. From this course you can find out how other people just like you managed to score major money in troublesome times like this.

When it comes time to talk about Dan Kennedy then I associate him with Father Time :), he has been around for a long time and has seen it all. The major thing what I like about him is that he has a dynamic approach towards business. He started out during the old school years, with direct mail and then moved on to other areas of advertising, like print and now he’s on the internet as well. He might be a dinosaur but he is keeping up to date with the newest development of marketing.


What is the difference between Renegade Millionaire and Recession Made Renegade Millionaire?

In the Renegade Millionaire course we can learn about many things. First of all we can hear successful people’s story on how they managed to make millions with the renegade method what Dan Kennedy teaches. And also there’s an amazing interview with Dan Kennedy him self, and he answers over 500 questions about business, business conduct, major mistakes, and major lessons that he has learned during the past decades that he has been selling. As for the Recession Made Renegade Millionaire this course is specifically targeted those business owners who have launched businesses in worst recession years than there are right now. And they all managed to succeed and reek in millions and millions of dollars.


What does Renegade means in Recession Made Renegade Millionaire?

We all know what renegade means, also I like the Japanese version of the word which is “ronin”. These are renegade millionaires because they made their money with unconventional means. They kick the old habits and usually do extraordinary things to get to major paydays. This doesn’t mean that conventional means don’t work, they do, but they might be slow or not that effective. So if you can stand out of the crowd then it’s much much easier to make a sale than swimming with the pack. And this is what the successful renegades have done. Created something unique which is in high demand and cashed in big time even when the economy was weak or just plain old horrible.

In a few weeks time the Recession Made Renegade Millionaire will be released to the general public, so stay tuned, and prepare your self to learn form the masters.